My Urges Can Stop !!!

I’ve suffered from PTSD, anxiety and depression for 9 years. In 2011 my mum passed away (I was 8) and I was the one that found her body. To this day I still see it in my nightmares. I still get the flashbacks 9 years later. When I was 11 I first started self harming. I promised myself I wouldn’t do it again. Fast forward to year 9 I was still doing it. I was addicted but I wasn’t going to admit that to myself. The flashbacks and nightmares were awful. I’d get flashbacks in school, I would refuse to sleep at night and end up falling asleep in my classes. I had a lot of plans that I was going to go through with. My form tutor noticed that something wasn’t right and stopped me after school to talk to me. If he hadn’t of done that I probably wouldn’t be here.

During year 10 I progressively got worse. My form tutor put me in contact with Tom and I started having weekly sessions. I didn’t see the point but Tom was extremely patient with me and after a while I started to open up. The worst year was year 11. My incidents were more frequent and more serious to the point where the school had to call my dad and my brother. I was a bigger threat to myself caused me to lose my temper a lot more. Tom supported me throughout this and I started to calm down. I started to control my nightmares and my thoughts. My form tutor and Tom kept me in line. They helped me through my mocks, my PPE’s and my GCSE’s.
I’m now in college and starting to focus more on playing rugby. I’m opening up to my family more and I’m able to talk myself through my nightmares. Tom taught me that whatever is being thrown at you isn’t going to last forever. Tom is probably the most patient person I’ve met and without him I wouldn’t be doing as well as I am now.

I am now the driver of my life !